Winger Taking on Outside Fullback

taking on outside fullback, dribbling beat defenders

Published 1/18/2011 6:29:49 PM
Author: Chris Johnson
Winger Taking on Outside Fullback

Drill Objective:

This dribbling game focuses on winger players taking on the outside fullbacks in the offensive third of the field.

Drill Setup:

  • This drill requires the attacking third of the field with a full size goal.
  • Split the team into 6 attackers, 6 defenders, a goalkeeper and a server.
  • The server will start around midfield with a supply of balls.
  • Mark off a lane from each sideline that is 15 yards wide.
  • Place a left winger in the left lane and a right winger in the right lane.
  • Place 1 defender in each of the two lanes so the wingers play a 1v1 on each side.
  • The remaining players (4v4) should be positioned in between the two lanes.

Drill Instructions:

  1. The outside fullbacks are the only players that are allowed in the lane.
  2. The server plays the ball into one of the two outside wingers to begin the game.
  3. Instruct the outside fullback to let the winger turn before he applies pressure to the winger.
  4. The winger will then play 1v1 against the outside back. the winger's job is to beat the fullback down the line.
  5. Only after the defender is beaten can the winger pass into the 4v4 in the middle of the field.

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Get wingers comfortable turning towards the goal and attack the space behind the defender.
  • Take on the outside fullback.

Drill Variations

  • Only allow a cross from the winger after they beat the defender and focus on crossing and finishing.

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