1v1 Dribble Attack with Shot

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Published 8/31/2011 12:29:18 PM
Author: Chris Johnson
1v1 Dribble Attack with Shot

Drill Objective:

The purpose of this 1v1 drill is to focus on dribbling to beat a defender and finishing with a shot. This drill can also be used to focus on defensive players defending the dribble.

Drill Setup:

  1. Create a 15X15 yard grid about 18 yards from goal.
  2. Place a goalkeeper in the goal, and a defender inside the grid.
  3. The rest of the team should start at a cone placed about 15 yards from the grid.
  4. Each player in line should have their own ball.

Drill Instructions:

  1. The first player in line dribbles into the grid, attempts to beat the defensive player, and dribble out the other end of the grid.
  2. If he successfully dribbles through the grid and out the other end the attacking player can finish with a shot on goal.
  3. If the ball is won by the defensive player or dribbled out either of the sides of the grid, the attacker quickly becomes the defender.
  4. The next player in line can go immediately after a shot on goal is taken or the defensive player has won the ball.

Drill Coaching Points:

Head up for awareness. 
  • Players should always be scanning the field while carrying the ball while glancing down at the ball through the bottom of your eyes. 
  • Players must be aware of opponents, teammates, and space.
Ability to hold the ball close. 
  • Players should be able to keep close control of the ball in order to quickly change directions, move the ball away from a defender.
  • It is important for the dribbler to have a low center of gravity with knees bent and chest and head over the ball. 
  • This will help players start, stop, accelerate and change direction.
Change of pace and direction. 
  • The player should be able to cut and turn the ball quickly to avoid tackles or to exploit space.
Feints and moves. 
  • Players must be able to sell a move with body movements in order to throw the opponent off balance while moving the ball in an attacking position.
  • Players must be willing to attempt to beat an opponent. Player’s confidence is important around the penalty box.
  • Creativity is the ability for players to solve different situations with the correct move or combination of moves. 
  • This is best taught in a 1v1 game which relies a lot on the individual player’s skill to beat his opponent. 
  • A player’s creativity is often increased with more confidence with the ball.

Drill Variations

  1. Make the grid bigger to make it easier for the attackers and more difficult for the defenders.
  2. Make the grid smaller to make it more difficult for the attackers and easier for the defenders.
  3. Add a second defender and make the grid slightly larger.
  4. Move the grid farther from goal and encourage a longer shot.

Titled: 1v1 Dribble Attack with Shot
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