Circle Passing Overlap Combination

Circle Passing Combination Drill

Published 7/16/2012 6:01:36 PM
Author: Chris Johnson
Circle Passing Overlap Combination

Drill Objective:

The circle passing overlap combination drill will focus on passing, combination play, overlapping, playing with speed, and playing to feet. This combination drill is an excellent passing warm-up drill that can be a great start to a passing practice that incorporates overlapping.

Drill Setup:

  1. Create a circle around two central players where the outside players are about 5-7 yards from each other.
  2. The two central players will begin the drill with a soccer ball.

Drill Instructions:

  1. The central players begin the drill at the same time by passing to outside players on the opposite sides of the circle.
  2. The outside player immediately passes to a player adjacent to them on their right or left.
  3. Make sure the central player maintains his central positioning.
  4. As soon as the outside player passes to the player to the right or left, they immediately begin their run to overlap that player.
  5. The player being overlapped quickly returns the ball to the central player who plays into the space of the overlapping player.
  6. The overlapping player switches roles with the central player and the play continues.
  7. Leave it up to the players to decide whether to play to the left or right side of the outside player based on whether the player is being used by the other central player.
  8. Players must play with their heads up scanning the field and communicating so that two balls do not get played to the same player.

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Quick movement off the ball to overlap the outside player. Timing is important so make sure the players are aware of getting there at the right time. A breakdown in passing will throw off a well-timed overlapping run.
  • Play in 1 touch.
  • Good crisp passes with good pace on them - not too soft or too strong.
  • Heads up scanning the field to find the open players
  • Play with speed. Start slow and once they figure it out, ramp it up.
  • Make sure central players maintain the central position until switching with the outside player in order to play facing the ball. If they get in too tight there will not be much time to play the ball.


Drill Variations

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