Line Passing Combination Warm-up

Line Passing Combination Warm-up, Passing Soccer Drill

Published 7/18/2012 1:49:41 PM
Author: Chris Johnson
Line Passing Combination Warm-up

Drill Objective:

This combination passing drill is designed to work on combination play while advancing up the field. This passing drill focuses on the timing of passes, runs, combination play, and will be a great warm-up to passing practices.

Drill Setup:

  1. Start with four cones set along a sideline about 10 yards apart.
  2. The player on one of the far cones starts with the ball.

Drill Instructions:

  1. Player 1 passes into Player 2 who returns the ball back to player 1.
  2. Player 1 then passes to Player 3 who returns the pass to Player 2.
  3. Player 2 then passes to Player 4 who returns the pass to Player 3.
  4. Player 3 then passes back to Player 4 who passes to Player 2.
  5. The pattern is repeated as the players move in a straight line down the field.
  6. Instruct the players to keep the same distance as much as possible when moving down the field.
  7. When a groups reach the other side of the field have them wait until all groups have completed.
  8. Have the players repeat this pattern going to the other side of the field.
  9. Repeat a few times to allow the players to warm-up and get into a rhythm.

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Focus on crisp clean passes with the right amount of pace.
  • Slightly lead the player so they receive the ball as they are advancing down the field.
  • Communication is important so each player is aware of the next move.

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Titled: Line Passing Combination Warm-up
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