2v2 Challenge

2v2 Challenge, Building the Attack

Published 5/2/2006 10:21:45 PM
Author: Chris Johnson
2v2 Challenge

Drill Objective:

This 2v2 soccer drill focuses on putting players in 2 vs. 2 situations while attacking the goal. The dynamics of the games works on transitioning, and fitness demands on the players can be intense at times.

Drill Setup:

  1. Split the group into two teams with a keeper in goal.
  2. Place two cones approximately 20-25 yards from goal about 30 yards apart.
  3. Instruct one team to line up behind one cone and the other team line up behind the other cone. Don't worry about lines as these players will be involved very quickly.
  4. Create a 5X5 yard about 10-15 yards past the two cones, and place all the balls in this box.

Drill Instructions:

  1. Have 2 players from each team enter the playing area.
  2. To start the game, assign one team to defend and one team to attack.
  3. The attacking team goes to goal, while the defensive team attempts to shutdown the attack.
  4. If the defensive team wins the ball, they must quickly dribble the ball to the square and leave the ball. At this time, two new teammates from their team step out and get a ball from the square and start attacking the goal. The two original attackers that lost the ball must sprint back to their line freeing up 2 new defenders to step out and defend.
  5. If a player shoots and the keeper saves it, or the shot misses the goal, the shooter must quickly get their missed shot and dribble it back to the 5X5 box. That player will then goes to the end of their team's line and await their turn again. Once the shooting player dribbles back into the 5X5 box, his team can send in another man to even up the match at 2v2. In the meantime, the other team sprints to the 5X5 box attempting to catch the team who just missed a shot in a man-down situation.
  6. If a team scores a goal, they receive a point, the defensive player closest to the ball must dig the ball out of the goal, and return the ball to the 5X5 box. In the meantime, the attacking team is sprinting to the 5X5 box attempting to tack advantage of a man down situation.
  7. First team to 10 wins.

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Build attack quickly and off balance the defender.
  • Quick transition between defense and offense

Drill Variations

  • Limit players touch.
  • Keep track of off sides.
  • Play with 3v3 or 4v4.

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