Tunnel of Death

Tunnel of Death Soccer Game

Published 7/4/2006 8:08:52 AM
Author: Chris Johnson
Tunnel of Death

Drill Objective:

This drill can be used to focus on either attacking or defending. It teaches players to take advantage of an off balanced defender by attacking with speedĀ or could be used to focus on good defensive posture and transition.

Drill Setup:

  1. Create a grid approximately 35X15.
  2. Make a channel in the middle of the grid that is approximately 15X15.
  3. The two end grids at 10X15.
  4. Split the team into two groups with one on each end of the tunnel. Choose one player to start in the middle grid; this player is the defender.

Drill Instructions:

  1. The defender is restricted to defend the channel. His responsibility is to disallow an attacker from dribbling from his side, through the area, and to the other side.
  2. If the attacker is successful in making it to the other side, the defender stays in the middle.
  3. If the defender wins the ball, the attacker quickly becomes the defender and is rapidly attacked by the next attacker.
  4. Only use one ball, and once the attacker beats the defender, he passes to the next attacker in line.
  5. Play should be quick, and players are constantly attacking.
  6. If players get stuck defending too much, the coach should switch them out.
  7. Keep a supply of balls handy on each end so play can continue if the ball gets knocked too far out of play.

Drill Coaching Points:


  • Focus on dribbling with speed
  • Going at the defender
  • Good explosive step past the defender
  • Getting behind the defender quickly


  • Focus on delaying the attacker and forcing him out of the grid.
  • Remember Fast, Slow, Outside, Low.
  • Defender should attack defender quickly, slow down when getting near, force the defender outside and get their posture as low as possible.

Drill Variations

  • Play 2v2 rather than 1v1

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