The Soccer Gauntlet

The primary focus of THE SOCCER GAUNTLET is centered around proper dribbling technique in traffic which requires vision and awareness.

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Soccer Gauntlet Soccer Dribbling Drill


  1. Create a grid approximately 20x15 yard.
  2. Instruct one defender to stand inside the grid without a ball.
  3. The remaining players will start on the end line with a ball.


  1. On the coaches command, all of the attacking players dribble at speed to the other sideline avoiding the defender.
  2. If the defender wins the ball and kicks the ball out of the grid, that attacker becomes an additional defender (without a ball) on the next series.
  3. The last player to make it through the gauntlet wins the game.

SoccerXpert Premium


  • Limit the foot the attacker can dribble with (the right foot, the left foot, and the bottom of the foot).

Coaching Points

  • Keep the ball close to the dribbler
  • Stay in control of your body and ball
  • Keep your eyes up to avoid pressure
  • Dribble into space avoiding pressure
  • Dribble with speed when in open space

Equipment Required

  • Disc Cones
  • Scrimmage Pennies/Vests
  • Soccer Practice or Training Balls

Drill Target Ages

  • U4, U-4, Under 4, 4 and Under
  • U5, U-5, Under 5, 5 and Under
  • U6, U-6, Under 6, 6 and Under
  • U7, U-7, Under 7, 7 and Under
  • U8, U-8, Under 8, 8 and Under
  • U9, U-9, Under 9, 9 and Under
  • U10, U-10, Under 10, 10 and Under
  • U11, U-11, Under 11, 11 and Under
  • U12, U-12, Under 12, 12 and Under

Soccer Drill Focus

Soccer Drill Titled: The Soccer Gauntlet
Tagged: Soccer Gauntlet Soccer Dribbling Drill
Published by: Chris Johnson
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