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Three Person Passing Combination

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This a passing combination drill that involves 3 player at a time. The combination sequence that will help perfect passing, combination play, movement off the ball, and will help improve player’s fitness level.

Three Person Passing Combination

Soccer Drill Diagram: Three Person Passing Combination
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  1. Create a grid approximately 10X20 yards.
  2. Two players start on the corner cone opposite each other.
  3. One player starts in the center of the grid.


  1. Player 1 starts the play by passing into the central player (Player 2).
  2. Player 1 moves to the cone to his side and receives the ball back from player 2.
  3. After returning the ball to player 1, player 2 moves to player 1's original starting position at the cone.
  4. Player 1 plays a long ball to Player 3 and moves into the center of the grid to become the new central player.
  5. Player 3 plays into Player 1 who returns the ball to player 3 at the cone placed 10 yards away.
  6. Player 1 now takes the starting position of Player 3 while Player 3 plays a long ball down to the starting position and Player 3 becomes the central player.
  7. The pattern is repeated.


  • Switch and go the other direction so that players are used to playing from different angles.

Coaching Points

  • Focus on the quality of passes such as weight, pace, accuracy.
  • A well timed run facing the passing direction will assure a more accurate pass.
  • The players must communicate with each other to make the drill easier.
  • Players must concentrate on making the correct runs off the ball.

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Soccer Drill Titled: Three Person Passing Combination
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