Indoor Soccer Drills

Indoor soccer drills are your typical soccer drills but geared towards being indoors. One significant advantage of indoor soccer is that the ball never goes out of bounds, so there is a constant touch on the ball. The surface is very flat and consistent, which also allows players to get the feel of the ball without the element of a bumpy service. Indoor soccer requires more touches on the ball, so individual skills are heightened.

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Indoor Shooting Drill

Chris Johnson 148,121 Views Rating 3.86 (79 Reviews)
This is a great indoor soccer shooting drill to use while practicing indoors. This indoor soccer shooting drill also touches on dribbling, passing, using the walls, and finally shooting on goal.

Indoor Dribbling and Passing Drill

Chris Johnson 123,314 Views Rating 3.77 (40 Reviews)
This indoor soccer drill is great for warm-up to your indoor soccer practice. This focuses on dribbling and passing warm-up indoors.