Soccer Heading Drills

Soccer heading drills will become a more valuable and strategic weapon as the players advance in skill level. Due to the heightened awareness concerning head injuries and concussions, while heading a soccer ball, the US Soccer Organization has restricted the intentional use of the heading for players age 11 and under.

Soccer Heading Techniques

  • Players knees should be slightly bent for balance.
  • Use the forehead to contact the all (between the eyebrows and the hairline).
  • Players should strike the ball, and not let the ball strike them.
  • Players should tighten neck, stomach, and back muscles and slightly force the head towards the ball.
  • Eyes must remain open even when striking the ball with the head.
  • Proper timing is essential.

Soccer Heading Drills Requires

  • The US Soccer Orginization recommends that only players 11 and older can head without restrictions.
  • 10-year-old or younger player may not head the ball regardless of the age group in which the he or she participates.

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Soccer Drills

Crossing, Finishing, Shooting Drill

This soccer drill is a great training tool to perfect crossing, finishing and heading in soccer. Check out more soccer drills, soccer crossing drills, soccer finishing drills and soccer heading drills.
3.98 (109) 264,574 Views
Soccer Drills

3-Minute Shooting Drill

This soccer drill allows the coach to focus on shooting, goalkeeping and clearing balls from the back. This drill is an excellent warmup to a shooting or clearing practice.

3.76 (33) 122,201 Views
Soccer Drills

Head/Catch Game

This soccer game is more of a fun activity. When players need a break from the normal drills, need a reward from hard work, or if you just want to let the players goof around. It focuses on listening and reaction skills.

4.08 (74) 198,498 Views
Soccer Drills

4V4 With 5 Goals Inside The 18

This 4v4 finishing drill is one of my favorite soccer finishing drills as it works on every aspect of finishing inside the 18-yard box. This drill focuses on soccer finishing skills such as chipping, crossing, heading, finishing and composure in the 18.
4.01 (108) 206,312 Views
Soccer Drills

Power/Finness with a Twist

This shooting and finishing soccer drill focuses on being comfortable while striking long shots as well as close range shots, volleys, and headers.
4.09 (110) 185,979 Views
Soccer Drills

Crossing/Finishing Drill

This crossing and finishing drill focuses on attacking within the 18 yard box. This soccer drill mainly focuses on crossing, shooting, and heading.
4 (34) 100,763 Views
Soccer Drills

Across-Field Warm-Up

This soccer drill is mainly focused on technical skills during warm up. This is a great drill to do at the beginning of each game.

3.88 (92) 225,346 Views
Soccer Drills

Handling Flighted Balls

This receiving soccer drill focuses on passing and receiving flighted balls during warm-up.
3.64 (45) 75,202 Views
Soccer Drills

5v2 Rotating Defenders

This 5v2 drill will focus on keeping possession by making good passes as well as good passing decisions, moving to open space, and good communication.
4.12 (140) 205,087 Views
Soccer Drills

3v2 Flying Changes

This drill is designed to focus on all aspects of the game in a 3v2 situation. Mainly runs of attackers, angle of support, passing vs. shooting decisions, defensive shape, and recovery runs, along with working on mental attentiveness.
4 (100) 163,873 Views