1v1 Attacking to a Full-Size Goal

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This 1v1 attacking drill that focuses on beating the defender in a 1v1 situation and finishing on a full-size goal.

Soccer Drill Diagram: 1v1 Attacking to a Full-Size Goal

1v1 to a full-size goal

1v1 attacking drill that focuses on beating the defender in a 1v1 situation and finishing on a full-size goal.
Drill Setup

  1. Set two full-size goals about 25 yards from each other with a goalkeeper in each goal.
  2. Split the team into two groups starting at each of the two goals. 
  3. Both teams will need a supply of balls near.
  4. Designate one team as the defensive team. These players start with the ball.
  5. The other team is the attackers. They do not need at ball at this time.
Drill Instructions

  1. The defensive player plays a long ball into the first attacker and quickly closes down the attacker.
  2. The attacking player receives the ball and quickly takes on the defender.
  3. Once the defender is beat, the attacking player finishes on goal.
  4. If the defensive player wins the ball cleanly the play is over and on to the next attacker.
  5. After each attacker has had an opportunity to play the two groups switch roles.
Drill Variations

  • Each team attacks with each player, then the two groups switch roles.
Drill Coaching Points

  • Good controlling touch
  • Quality approach with the right amount of speed and control
  • Make sure the attacker dribbles directly at the defender.
    Have the player "fake" by stepping over the ball, having a hard step, stutter-step, dragging a foot or toe, dipping their shoulders, faking a kick, or using their eyes to look in a direction opposite of where they are going.
  • Good change of direction once a fake is made to move away from the defender.
  • Good change-of-pace to leave the defender once they have them off-balanced from the fake and change of direction.

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