2v2+1 (2 vs. 2 plus target attacker)

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This 2v2+1 soccer drill is a great situational game that focuses on numbers up attacking situations or numbers down defending situations.

Soccer Drill Diagram: 2v2+1 (2 vs. 2 plus target attacker)

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This 2v2+1 soccer drill is a great situational game that allows you to focus on number’s up attacking situations or number’s down defending situations.
Drill Setup

  1. Create a grid approximately 30X40 yard grid.
  2. Set up a goal on one end of the grid.
  3. Assign a goalkeeper, a target player in red, and four defenders in yellow.
  4. The remaining players create two lines at the top of the grid opposite the goal.
  5. Start with two defenders in the middle of the grid about 18 yards from goal.
  6. The other two defenders are resting on the outside of the grid on both sidelines.
Drill Instructions

  1. Start the drill by having the goalkeeper punt a ball to the top two attackers.
  2. The two attackers join with the target player to form a 3v2 (2v2+1 target player) situation.
  3. The attackers attempt to score while the two defensive players work together to stop the attack.
  4. If the defenders win the ball, they should clear the ball past the line where the additional attackers are standing.
  5. If the defenders are successful at clearing the ball, the attacking players (minus the target player) should do ten pushups.
  6. If the defender attempts to clear the ball and cannot clear the ball far enough to cross the line, the attacking team continues their attack.
  7. Once the ball is out of play or deemed dead by the coach, the goalkeeper should punt a new ball to the next group of attackers, and two new defenders step in and become defenders.
Drill Variations


Drill Coaching Points


  • Play to the target player quickly without forcing the ball.
  • Make sure players without the ball make good supporting runs.
  • Attackers should focus on getting into situations to get a shot off quickly.
  • Make sure attackers combine passes and build up the attack.


  • Make sure the target player is marked, and the closest player to the ball pressures the ball.
  • Make sure to maintain good defensive positioning (pressure and cover). Don’t get stuck defending side-by-side or attacked in a straight line.
  • Make sure defenders work together as a group of 2.
  • Good defensive posture when defending the ball.

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