4v4, Thirds of the Field, Shape and Positioning

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This 4v4 drill is great for improving shape and positioning. Each player has their own responsibility: 1) attacker/target player stretches the field closer to the goal they are attacking. 2) winger players stretch the width of the field. 3) defensive player gives support to wingers and target player while staying the last man.

Soccer Drill Diagram: 4v4, Thirds of the Field, Shape and Positioning

4v4, thirds of the field, improve shape and positioning

This 4v4 thirds of the field drill is great for improving shape and positioning.
Drill Setup

  1. To set up this 4v4 soccer drill, create a grid that is approximately 40 X 25 yards.
  2. With small disc cones, divide the field into thirds; left, center, right
  3. Set a Pugg goal at each endline. 
  4. Divide the group into two teams of four players each.
  5. Restrict the left wingers in the left third of the field, the right wingers in the right third of the field, and the target player and defender to the center third of the field.
Drill Instructions

  1. Play 4v4 with each team defending a Pugg goal and scoring on the opponents Pugg goal.
  2. Players are restricted to their third of the field and are encouraged to move up and down their third in order to support their teammates.
  3. When a team reaches 5 goals switch out players or teams.
Drill Variations

  • Allow players to switch into other thirds of the pitch, but when this happens, they must switch with the player occupying the grid they are moving into.
Drill Coaching Points


  • Vision - players should be able to look up and read the game with their eyes since their number is limited. Player's heads should be on a constant pivot.
  • Communication - make sure players are communicating both verbally and non-verbally.
  • Support - make sure players are using their third of the field to get into the right supporting angles. Create passing options that allow the receiving players the most time and space.
  • Appropriate use of 1st touch
  • Appropriate use of short or long passing
  • Changes in the direction and speed of play
  • Create goal scoring opportunities


  • Sound Defensive Principles - pressure, cover, balance
  • Get as many people behind the ball as possible
  • Good communication

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