Combination Crossing Drill

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This combination crossing and finishing drill will focus on crosses within the 18 and is designed to help players become comfortable on crosses inside the 18.
Soccer Drill Diagram: Combination Crossing Drill

combination crossing drill, crossing and finishing soccer drills

This combination crossing and finishing drill will focus on crosses within the 18.
Drill Setup

  1. Split the team into 4 even groups.
  2. Two of the groups form lines on the end line about 5 yards of the goal post on both sides of the goal.
  3. The other two groups form lines about 30 yards out equal to the lines on the end line.
  4. Set 2 sticks around the 18-yard box the same size as the goal equal to the goal and two sticks near each sideline.
  5. The balls will start at the top line.
Drill Instructions

  1. Two players from the line on the end line check in to the player with the ball.
  2. The two checking players should be about 5-7 yards apart from each other when checking.
  3. The top player plays the ball in towards the front checking player and sprints around the stick on the sidelines closest to him.
  4. The first checking player dummies the run by stepping over the ball and letting it run between their legs.
  5. The front player then sprints around the back stick and makes a run to the back post.
  6. The back checking player plays a 1st-time ball into the space of the outside stick for the top player to cross on one touch and sprints around the closest stick and makes the front post run.
  7. The outside player serves a first time ball into the box for the runners to finish on goal.
  8. The player that makes the back post run moves to the top line the back player goes back to the line and becomes the front player, the player from the top goes to the back of the line on the end line.
  9. Perform the same movement with the players on the other side of the goal rotating each combination.
Drill Variations

  • N/A
Drill Coaching Points

  • This drill is all about crossing and finishing on goal.
  • Make sure the proper crosses are played in. If they are too far inside, a good solid cross on the ground into the advancing player. If they are outside, drive a good cross into the advancing players.
  • Checking players should pay attention and focus on their runs.
  • Passes and shot should be 1 touch when possible.
  • Focus on good finishing and shooting technique and putting the ball on target.
  • Make sure runs are properly timed and the runners are not in the box too soon or too late.
  • Make sure the back post runner does not let the ball through.
  • Make sure the front post runner is cutting to the front post.

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