4v3 Attack vs. Defense

Chris Johnson 371,429 Views Rating 4.18 (119 Reviews)
This attacking soccer drill is a great drill to focus on finishing. Since the attackers have the numerical advantage, they should learn how to exploit their advantage and finish with a shot on goal.
Soccer Drill Diagram: 4v3 Attack vs. Defense

4v3 Attack vs Defense

This drill focuses on attackers with a numerical advantage. Attackers must learn how to exploit their advantage and finish with a shot on goal.
Drill Setup

  1. Set up a 30 X 30 grid with one side playing to goal. 
  2. Coach assigns 3 defenders who wear an alternate jersey. 
  3. The attackers begin with the ball. 
  4. Place a keeper in goal.
Drill Instructions

  1. Instruct the players to exploit their numerical advantage and finish with a shot on goal.
  2. Attackers should move the ball looking for the open player and holes in the defense.
  3. Defenders should attempt to break-down the attack and to gain experience in how to cover a man-down situation. 
  4. Defensive players should complete a pass to the coach to end the attack.
  5. The coach should then give the ball back to the attackers to build the attack again.
Drill Variations

  • Increase the number of attackers (or decrease the number of defenders) if scoring chances are infrequent.
  • Increase the number of defenders (or decrease the number of attackers) if scoring chances are too frequent
Drill Coaching Points


  • Quickly switch the point of attack to off-balance the defense.
  • Play quick both physically (1 and 2 touch) and mentally (think ahead).
  • Make sure the players are attacking at the appropriate times


  • Contain the play and keep the ball in front of the defense.
  • Early pressure and do not allow space behind the defenders.

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