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Power/Finness with a Twist

Chris Johnson 186,736 Views Rating 4.09 (110 Reviews)
This shooting and finishing soccer drill focuses on being comfortable while striking long shots as well as close range shots, volleys, and headers.
Soccer Drill Diagram: Power/Finness with a Twist

Soccer Shooting and Finishing Soccer Game

This drill focuses on players comfort level in striking long shots as well as close range shots, volleys, and headers.
Drill Setup

  1. Set up a cone 25 yards from goal.
  2. Players should line up behind the cone.
  3. A goalkeeper is in the goal.
  4. The coach is positioned near the goal with a large supply of balls.
Drill Instructions

  1. The coach plays a ball on the ground to the first player in line, so the shot takes place around the edge of the penalty area. 
  2. After the shot, the coach follows up by tossing a ball to the same shooter. The shooter must volley or head the ball into the goal. 
  3. If a player makes both shots, they choose another player to challenge.  
  4. The challenged player must make both goals; otherwise, they are out. 
  5. If the challenged player does make both shots, the original shooter is out.
Drill Variations

  • Instead of letting the younger players choose, make them challenge the next player in line.
Drill Coaching Points

  • Good Striking Body Posture
  • Stay under control on flighted balls (composure)
  • Have players land on kicking foot when striking the shot

  • Disc Cones
  • Soccer Balls
  • Full Size Goal
Drill Ages

  • 7 Years Old and Under
  • 8 Years Old and Under
  • 9 Years Old and Under
  • 10 Years Old and Under
  • 11 Years Old and Under
  • 12 Years Old and Under
  • 13 Years Old and Under
  • 14 Years Old and Under
  • 15 Years Old and Under
  • 16 Years Old and Under
  • 17 +
Soccer Drill Focus

  • Heading - Soccer Heading Drills
  • Crossing - Soccer Crossing/Finishing Drills
  • Shooting - Soccer Shooting Drills
  • Goalkeeping - Soccer Goalkeeping Drills

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Alien Tag Soccer Game

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Chris Johnson 605,710 Views Rating 4.18 (268 Reviews)
A FUN soccer drill for younger players (U6, U7, and U8) to introduce dribbling, looking up and correctly striking the ball at a target.