Dribble with Speed

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This dribbling exercise that works on speed dribbling and getting the ball under control while dribbling with speed.

Soccer Drill Diagram: Dribble with Speed

Soccer Dribbling with Speed Soccer Drill

This dribbling exercise that works on speed dribbling and getting the ball under control while dribbling with speed.
Drill Setup

  1. Start with a 40-yard field with a 5-yard “buffer zone” on each end. 
  2. Three players without balls begin at the back of the buffer zone.
  3. The remaining players start at the beginning of the buffer zone with a soccer ball each.
Drill Instructions

  1. On the coaches command, the players with the balls dribble at full speed to the other buffer zone and get three touches on the ball in the far buffer zone. 
  2. The 3 players without soccer balls attempt to stop the dribblers by stealing their ball or knocking the ball over the end line. 
  3. If the dribbling players can control the ball in the opposite buffer zone with three touches on the ball, they get to go again in the next round. 
  4. If the players with the ball lose the ball, they join the defenders in the next round. 
  5. The last player with a ball wins.
  6. With 15 players you can play this game 5 times to have each player have a chance starting as a defensive player and each player has 4 chances starting as an attacking player.
Drill Variations

  • NONE
Drill Coaching Points

Not only doesn’t this activity work on speed dribbling but also it’s great for: 

  • Shielding
  • Turns
  • Change of pace 
  • Change of direction
  • And an Excellent fitness workout

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