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Head/Catch Game

Chris Johnson 199,052 Views Rating 4.08 (74 Reviews)

This soccer game is more of a fun activity. When players need a break from the normal drills, need a reward from hard work, or if you just want to let the players goof around. It focuses on listening and reaction skills.

Soccer Drill Diagram: Head/Catch Game

Heading in Soccer, Head CatchGames

This soccer game is more of a fun activity that focuses on listening and reaction skills.
Drill Setup

  1. Have the team form a circle around the coach, facing the coach.
  2. Only the coach needs a ball.
Drill Instructions

  1. The coach will always throw the ball towards the players head as if the player is going to head the ball.
  2. The coach yells "HEAD" or "CATCH" to the player he is tossing the ball to.
  3. The player must quickly react to the coaches command and perform the event the coach yells.
  4. If the coach yells "HEAD" the player must head the ball back to the player.
  5. If the coach yells "CATCH" the player must catch the ball and return it to the coach.
  6. If the player performs the wrong action, that player sits and only standing players are active.
  7. The last player standing wins the round.
Drill Variations

  • To really get interesting, have the players do the opposite as this adds an interesting twist to this soccer game
  • Use other body party (keep it simple)
Drill Coaching Points

  • Just HAVE FUN!

  • Disc Cones
  • Soccer Balls
Drill Ages

  • 4 Years Old and Under
  • 5 Years Old and Under
  • 6 Years Old and Under
  • 7 Years Old and Under
  • 8 Years Old and Under
  • 9 Years Old and Under
  • 10 Years Old and Under
  • 11 Years Old and Under
  • 12 Years Old and Under
Soccer Drill Focus

  • Heading - Soccer Heading Drills

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