Four Corners Aggressiveness and Fitness Drill

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This soccer drill focuses on aggressiveness in winning 50/50 balls and fitness. This drill will be more beneficial for players under 8 and older.

Soccer Drill Diagram: Four Corners Aggressiveness and Fitness Drill

Four Corners Aggressiveness and Fitness Soccer Drill

This soccer drill focuses on aggressiveness in winning 50/50 balls and fitness. This drill will be more beneficial for players under 8 and older.
Drill Setup

  1. Create a grid that is 30x30 yards.
  2. Create 4 teams and have them stand at each of the four corner cones.
  3. The coach positions himself outside the grid near the middle of 2 side cones with an abundant supply of soccer balls.
Drill Instructions

  1. The coach plays a ball into the center of the grid and shouts out a command (such as “GO”) to begin play.
  2. The first player in each of the 4 lines must sprint after the ball in an attempt to reach the ball first.
  3. Once a player wins the ball cleanly, the player must hold possession from the other players for 5 seconds before passing the ball back to the coach.
  4. If any player steals the ball from the person in possession, that player then attempts to hold possession for 5 seconds.
  5. A team scores a point by successfully holding possession for 5 seconds and making a return pass to the coach.
  6. The first team to reach 5 points wins.
Drill Variations

  • The coach can play different types of balls such as flighted balls, bouncing balls, rolling balls, balls with large amounts of top or back spin.
Drill Coaching Points

  • Players should be taught to go after the ball aggressively with speed, determination and vigor.

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