Shooters and Shaggers Soccer Shooting Game

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The Shooters and Shaggers Soccer Shooting Game is a great drill to improve shooting on target, leg strength and the instep drive when shooting with the shoelaces.

Soccer Drill Diagram: Shooters and Shaggers Soccer Shooting Game

Shooters and Shaggers Soccer Shooting Game

Shooters and Shaggers soccer shooting drill is a great game to help improve shooting on target, leg strength and perfecting the instep drive.
Drill Setup

  1. Organize your team into groups of 2.
  2. One player will be the shooter while the other player will be the shagger.
  3. The Shagger will only shag balls for their shooter as they are paired up as a team in this competition.
  4. Organize an arc of cones approximately 10 yards from goal for younger players and farther for older more skilled players.
  5. No keeper is in the goal for this exercise.
Drill Instructions

  1. Each shooter begins at the start cone while their shagger starts behind the goal.
  2. At the first cone, each shooter will take turns shooting on goal in an attempt to score the goal with a direct shot into the goal without it hitting the ground (no bounce).
  3. If the ball bounces before scoring a goal, or if they miss the goal, the shooter retrieves the ball from their shagger and continue shooting from the same cone.
  4. If the player can strike the ball into the goal without it bouncing, the player will get to continue to the next cone.
  5. The first three players to successfully scored from each of the five cones win.
  6. Now switch and let the shaggers shoot and the shooters shag balls.
  7. The game will seem slow to start, but as the game gets going the players are working hard, and friendly competition should kick in and elevate the game.
Drill Variations

  • For younger players who are unable to lift the ball very well should be modified to scoring hard shots with pace on the ball.
  • To get all the players participating at the same time, have each player start with their ball (no shaggers) and have them keep up with their same ball throughout the entire shooting game. Have half of the group start on the finish cone and work backward while the other group starts on the start cone.
Drill Coaching Points

  • Watch the angle of approach, make sure they come at the ball at a good kicking angle
  • Make sure their planting foot is not too close or too far from the ball.
  • Make sure the player is locking their ankle

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