Improving Combination Play

The Improving Combination Play drill will help improve combination play as well as switching the point of attack. Use this soccer drill when you are organizing a soccer practice around passing and moving.

Soccer Drill Diagram: Improving Combination Play

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Improving Soccer Combination Play

The Improving Combination Play drill will help improve combination play as well as switching the point of attack.

Drill Setup
  1. Create a grid approximately 40X40 yards. The area of the grid can be increased or decreased depending on the number of players and/or the skill level of the players.
  2. Split your team into 2 even groups with no more than 8 players per group.
  3. Make sure the teams are easily distinguished with colored bibs.
  4. Have the RED team place a player in one corner of the grid and another player in the diagonally opposite corner of the grid.
  5. Have the BLUE team do the same thing on the 2 open corners of the grid.
Drill Instructions
  1. The players in the middle will play keep away from the opposing team while trying to score points.
  2. Award a point each time a team passes the ball into their team’s corner player, who then must play a first time ball to a third player on the same team.
  3. The player that plays the ball into the corner player then becomes the new corner player.
  4. First team to 10 wins.

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Drill Variations
  • If players are still struggling with 1-touch passes, increase the number of touches from the corner players to 2-touch.
  • Limit the inside players touches to encourage more passing.
Drill Coaching Points
  • Make sure players inside the grid play early balls to quickly change the point of attack.
  • Players must play together and be thinking ahead to effectively support the attack.
  • Corner players can move around the corner to adjust their angles and positioning.
  • Disc Cones
  • Pinnies
  • Soccer Balls
Drill Ages
  • 9 Years Old and Under
  • 10 Years Old and Under
  • 11 Years Old and Under
  • 12 Years Old and Under
  • 13 Years Old and Under
  • 14 Years Old and Under
  • 15 Years Old and Under
  • 16 Years Old and Under
  • 17 +
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Soccer Drill Titled: Improving Combination Play
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