Obstacle Course Dribble Drill

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The Obstacle Course dribbling drill is a fun way for young players to practice dribbling in a more dynamic and challenging environment. This drill involves an obstacle course with cones through which players dribble their soccer balls. It's designed to mimic game situations where players must navigate opponents or tight spaces. It helps develop their ability to control the ball under various conditions, an essential skill for soccer players of all levels. This drill helps to improve dribbling skills and agility and enhances coordination and control while maneuvering the ball around obstacles.

Soccer Drill Diagram: Obstacle Course Dribble Drill

soccer obstacle course dribbling drill

This soccer Obstacle Course dribbling drill helps to improve dribbling skills and agility and enhances coordination and control while maneuvering the ball around obstacles.
Drill Setup

  • Set up an obstacle course using cones. This can include straight lines, zigzags, and circles.
  • As in the diagram, create a starting line about 3 yards from the first hurdle obstacle. With 4 to 6 hurdles (or cones) placed them 1 yard apart.
  • Using training sticks or cones, create a line of 4-6 sticks approximately 3 yards apart. Closer for more skilled dribblers.
  • Set up 4-6 gates, 3 yards in width, in zig-zag pattern 4 yards apart.
  • Each player starts with a soccer ball at the beginning of the course.
  • The course should be challenging but achievable for the age and skill level.
Drill Instructions

  1. Players begin at the start of the obstacle course with their ball.
  2. On the coach's signal, the first player passes to the coach and bunny-hops over each of the hurdles or cones.
  3. At the end of the hurdles, the coach passes back to the player who slalom dribbles through the first set of training sticks.
  4. Next, the player will dribble in a zig-zag pattern through each of the gates and sprint to the end of the obstacle course.
  5. Encourage players to use both feet and different parts of the foot (inside, outside, sole) to maneuver the ball.
  6. After completing the course, the player joins the back of the line to wait for another turn.
Drill Variations

  • Timed Runs: Time each player's run through the course and encourage them to beat their personal best.
  • Non-Dominant Foot Only: Require players to use only their non-dominant foot.
  • Blind Dribble: Players dribble through the course with their heads up, trying not to look at the ball.
Drill Coaching Points

  • Encourage players to control the ball closely, especially when navigating around cones.
  • Teach players to look up as much as possible, not just down at the ball.
  • Emphasize the use of quick, light touches to maintain control.
  • Encourage players to try different dribbling techniques and speeds.

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