Crossing, Finishing, Shooting Drill

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Soccer Crossing and Finishing Shooting Drill


Using a full-size training goal, place a goalkeeper in the goal.

Assign your midfielders, flanks and outside backs as servers on the right and left sides of the penalty area. With the remaining players create three additional lines in the middle of the field for the finishers who crash the box once the cross is prepped and ready to be served.


On the coach’s command, the right flank player dribbles to the end line and sends in a cross between 6 and 12 yards from goal. The players in the three finishing lines make curved runs and attack the near post, middle, and far post in an attempt to finish on goal as quickly as possible. If the shooter is slow to shoot or receives the ball with their back facing the goal, they should play the ball to the center line for a first-time shot on goal.

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  • Add defensive players as passive defenders. Add pressure as the players get comfortable with the passive defenders.

Coaching Points

  • Make sure the server dribbles to the end line with speed, preps the ball towards the middle of the field to alert the attackers of the cross coming, and get hips turned towards goal before serving.
  • Make sure the attacking finishers make curved runs to their spots and that their runs are timed to get to the 6-12 yard area as the ball is arriving.
  • Quick finish with one touch volley, header, or quick turn/shot.

Equipment Required

  • Disc Cones
  • Full Size Goal

Drill Target Ages

  • U9, U-9, Under 9, 9 and Under
  • U10, U-10, Under 10, 10 and Under
  • U11, U-11, Under 11, 11 and Under
  • U12, U-12, Under 12, 12 and Under
  • U13, U-13, Under 13, 13 and Under
  • U14, U-14, Under 14, 14 and Under
  • U15, U-15, Under 15, 15 and Under
  • U16, U-16, Under 16, 16 and Under
  • U17 and Older

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Soccer Drill Titled: Crossing, Finishing, Shooting Drill
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