Soccer Tag

This soccer drill is good for younger players ages under 5 through under 8. This is a fun soccer drill that allows players to gain confidence on the ball while getting a lot of touches.

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Under 4, Under 5, Under 6, Under 7 Soccer Drill, Soccer dribbling, Under 8 Soccer Drill


Build a grid that is approximately 20X20 (or larger depending on the number of players involved). Each player should have a ball and position them inside the grid.


Instruct the players to tag (touch) other players within the grid. Once the player gets tagged they must hold that area of the body that was tagged while still dribbling while avoiding other tags and attempting to tag others. If players are tagged a 2nd time they must hold both tagged areas while dribbling. If the player is tagged a 3rd time, the player must move to the outside of the grid and perform an exercies such as 25 toe touches, 4 juggles, 25 foundation touches, or push-ups before rejoining the game.

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Coaching Points

  • Keeping the ball close to the player.
  • Head up where they can see ball and players.
  • Use all parts of the foot while dribbling (inside, outside, bottom, heal, top)

Drill Target Ages

  • U4, U-4, Under 4, 4 and Under
  • U5, U-5, Under 5, 5 and Under
  • U6, U-6, Under 6, 6 and Under
  • U7, U-7, Under 7, 7 and Under
  • U8, U-8, Under 8, 8 and Under

Soccer Drill Focus

Soccer Drill Titled: Soccer Tag
Tagged: Under 4, Under 5, Under 6, Under 7 Soccer Drill, Soccer dribbling, Under 8 Soccer Drill
Published by: Chris Johnson
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