Zig-Zag Dribbling Drill

The Zig-Zag soccer dribbling drill focuses on dribbling with speed with the inside, the outside, and the bottom of the foot.

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Zig-Zag Soccer Dribbling Drill


  1. Setup cones about 5 yards apart in a zig-zag pattern.
  2. The length of the zig-zag pattern should stretch approximately 20 yards in length.
  3. Players line up at the last with a ball each.


  1. The first player in line dribbles around the outside of the cones in a zig-zag pattern.
  2. When the dribbling player reaches the end, they must sprint the distance of the zig-zag course and return to the line.
  3. Let the players go through the course a few times to get comfortable with their touch.
  4. Now as the players are moving to their right side, they must dribble normal.
  5. However, as the players move to the left side they must roll the ball with the soul of the right foot.
  6. Change the pattern to move normally when moving to the left, but roll the ball with the soul of their left foot as they move to the right.

SoccerXpert Premium


  • Additional dribbling skills can be added such as:
    • Dribbling in a complete circle around each cone
    • Moving the ball through the pattern¬†with the soul of the foot only.

Coaching Points

  • Controlled touches near the dribbling player.
  • Dribbling with the outside of the foot, inside of the foot, and soul of the foot
  • Dribbling with speed

Equipment Required

  • Disc Cones
  • Soccer Practice or Training Balls

Drill Target Ages

  • U4, U-4, Under 4, 4 and Under
  • U5, U-5, Under 5, 5 and Under
  • U6, U-6, Under 6, 6 and Under
  • U7, U-7, Under 7, 7 and Under
  • U8, U-8, Under 8, 8 and Under
  • U9, U-9, Under 9, 9 and Under
  • U10, U-10, Under 10, 10 and Under
  • U11, U-11, Under 11, 11 and Under
  • U12, U-12, Under 12, 12 and Under
  • U13, U-13, Under 13, 13 and Under
  • U14, U-14, Under 14, 14 and Under

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