Choosing Your Competitive Soccer Team

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Choosing players for your competitive soccer team? The Ajax TIPS model, Technique, Insight, Personality and Speed, is a proven model.

Soccer Tip Diagram: Choosing Your Competitive Soccer Team

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Choosing players for your competitive soccer team? The Ajax TIPS model, Technique, Insight, Personality and Speed, is a proven model.

Ajax TIPS Model to Choose Your Competitive Soccer Team

The TIPS model is a traditional method of spotting talent among young players. The TIPS model developed by the Ajax youth academy stands for technique, insight, personality and speed. This method proves to be a way of choosing the perfect player for your competitive team.


The technique is a manner and skill with which the athlete employs their “tools” and “materials” to achieve a predetermined result. It is much more than the measure of one's skill set. Mastery on the ball and uncanny control is key to winning over this category.


Insight is the quick and definite understanding of a complicated situation. How quickly does the player read the game and make the right decisions? Some players are born naturals and can instinctively understand difficult circumstances and play out the correct decisions. 


Personality describes the character of emotion, thought, and behavior patterns unique to a person. How does the player cope with in stressful situations? Are they reckless or stable? Are they mentality able to play at a higher level? Is soccer a passion or pastime? 


We measure speed by a player's physical and mental speed. It is the most critical quality of the TIPS model. Players must possess both physical speed (running speed) as well as mental speed (speed of thought process). Possessing both physical and mental speed will allow the player to play quicker and allows the player to be much more productive.

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