1 on 1 Soccer Lessons

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Soccer Private Lessons, Soccer 1 on 1 Lessons, Soccer Skills Sessions

Soccer Tip Diagram: 1 on 1 Soccer Lessons

Private Lessons, 1 on 1 Soccer Lessons, Soccer Skills Sessions, Skills Sessions

Soccer Private Lessons, Soccer 1 on 1 Lessons, Soccer Skills Sessions

You are probably reading this because you are interested in coaching private lessons!

Below I have listed some things to think about when considering teaching a soccer private lesson or individual skill session.

  1. The session should be in a concentrated format. Soccer players between the ages of 8-14 will benefit more if they are taught technical ball skills in a nurturing 1 on 1 environment.
  2. The session’s attention should be dedicated to your student for approximately 1 hour.
  3. The session should have a specific lesson, tailor-made for the individual. In the beginning, focus on the following skill sets: Ball control, passing and receiving, dribbling, shooting, defending, balance and coordination. Once the player has developed a strong grasp of these skill sets (after a few sessions), continue to the more advanced focus such as: Juggling, dribbling moves, finishing, plyometric strength training, and heading.
  4. The coach should complete a written player evaluation that can be mailed or e-mailed to the student.
  5. The coach should give the student a "take-home" skill assignment designed with the player's improvement in mind.

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