11 Things Every Soccer Coach Needs for Successful Practices

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Eleven things that every coach needs to run a smooth, successful soccer practice.

Soccer Drill Diagram: 11 Things Every Soccer Coach Needs for Successful Practices

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Eleven things that every coach needs to run a smooth, successful soccer practice.

Hey Coaches! Soccer season is around the corner and it's time to get prepared and make sure you have the tools to make your practices more successful. There are certain items that every coach needs to run a smooth successful soccer practice. We've made the list; you need to check it twice.

  1. First on the list is a soccer ball for every player. I encourage players to bring a ball, but I also have a supply of 5-8 balls that I always bring to my training sessions just in case.
  2. The second item on the list is a ball pump as it is impossible to play soccer with flat balls.
  3. A supply of disk cones. I generally keep a supply of 30-40 with me at all times. You never know when you need to build a large grid or sidelines to a game. I use disk cones at almost every training session at least once.
  4. Next, a small supply of tall cones. I usually keep 6-8 tall cones handy when I need a small goal or window to stand out from the disk cones.
  5. Practice vests are a must. Small-sided games and drills are important to the development of youth players and players must know who is on their team. Colored practice vests are crucial to successful small-sided games.
  6. Practice Sticks or corner flags. Both of these items are great for visual boundaries, goals, and fitness training. These are very versatile and are an important part of some of the trainings on SoccerXpert.
  7. A Small fold away goal or Pugg goal is great for small-sided games. It takes the guessing out of whether or not the goal was scored and reduces player confrontation. With small fold away goals it's either in or it's out. This is a must-have for all age groups.
  8. For older kids (U-12 and above) you should have access to a full-size goal or own a portable full-size goal. These are not cheap, so find a sponsor or have the team pitch to buy it.
  9. Another "item" necessary for a successful practice is for the coach to set up the practice early. The coach should plan on arriving 15-20 minutes before the team arrives to set up the practice field. Being organized is very important for a successful practice and this helps by setting the field early.
  10. Probably the most important "item" is a good plan. Have a written plan of your practice and write down coaching points and highlights to talk to the players. Don't be scared to refer to your plan if you forget a drill or talking point. This helps you stay organized and the players get the full benefit of your coaching abilities.
  11. Last but not least, you need players. Make sure your team arrives at practices early ready to go when practice starts.

As you can see there are many important items necessary for a successful training session, but now that you know the secret, you're on your way to making every practice a successful soccer practice.

I've made a cleaner list of the items below:

  • Ball for Every Player
  • Ball pump
  • Disk Cones
  • Tall Cones
  • Practice vests
  • Practice sticks or corner flags
  • Small fold away goal or Pugg goal
  • A Portable full-size goal, younger kids Pugg goal, or 4X6' BowNet will do
  • Coach to show up early to set practice
  • A good practice plan!
  • Players to arrive on time

Enjoy your time coaching!

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