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Combination Shooting & Finishing Drill

Chris Johnson 263,566 Views Rating 3.73 (147 Reviews)
This shooting and finishing soccer drill focuses on the timing combination play, playing with your back to goal, and quick turn and shot on goal.

1v1 Defending the Dribble with Teammate

Chris Johnson 208,361 Views Rating 3.8 (120 Reviews)
The purpose of this drill is to isolate the defender to focus on the first defender and defending the dribble while working with a teammate. This teaches young soccer players to work together with y…

1v1 Dribble Attack with Shot

Chris Johnson 198,316 Views Rating 3.92 (130 Reviews)
This 1v1 soccer drill focuses on dribbling to beat a defender and finishing with a shot and can also be used to focus on defensive players.

Combination Shooting Rotation Drill

Chris Johnson 100,715 Views Rating 3.8 (69 Reviews)
This soccer shooting and finishing drill focuses on combination play and build-up before getting the shot off. It is a great shooting soccer drill to focus on burying the ball with a shot after a smal…

Diagonal Soccer Shooting Drill

Chris Johnson 294,816 Views Rating 3.91 (242 Reviews)
This is a simple soccer shooting drill that is great for warm-up to a shooting practice or warm-up prior to a game.

Cross - Finish Under Pressure

Chris Johnson 173,118 Views Rating 4.08 (120 Reviews)
This crossing and finishing drill is great for focusing on crossing under pressure and finishing under pressure. It is also a great drill to improve the players fitness level.

Three Goal Shooting Drill

Chris Johnson 104,587 Views Rating 3.83 (59 Reviews)
This is a great soccer shooting drill for getting rapid shots on multiple goals and is also a great source of fitness.

Combination Play with Crossing and Finishing

Chris Johnson 102,946 Views Rating 3.97 (71 Reviews)
This is a great cross and finish drill that allows you to focus on a short build-up, combination play, timing of runs, and crossing and finishing.

Indoor Shooting Drill

Chris Johnson 132,963 Views Rating 3.86 (79 Reviews)
This is a great indoor soccer shooting drill to use while practicing indoors. This indoor soccer shooting drill also touches on dribbling, passing, using the walls, and finally shooting on goal.

World Cup Soccer Drill

Chris Johnson 347,946 Views Rating 4.12 (230 Reviews)
The World Cup Soccer Drill is a great shooting game for kids of all ages. The World Cup Soccer Drill is a great game to work on game like situations with number down situations.