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Indoor Shooting Drill

Chris Johnson 132,957 Views Rating 3.86 (79 Reviews)
This is a great indoor soccer shooting drill to use while practicing indoors. This indoor soccer shooting drill also touches on dribbling, passing, using the walls, and finally shooting on goal.

World Cup Soccer Drill

Chris Johnson 347,933 Views Rating 4.12 (230 Reviews)
The World Cup Soccer Drill is a great shooting game for kids of all ages. The World Cup Soccer Drill is a great game to work on game like situations with number down situations.

Crossing, Finishing, Shooting Drill

Chris Johnson 265,437 Views Rating 3.98 (109 Reviews)
This soccer drill is a great training tool to perfect crossing, finishing and heading in soccer. Check out more soccer drills, Soccer crossing drills, soccer finishing drills and soccer heading drills…

Small-Sided Shooting and Finishing Game

Chris Johnson 148,593 Views Rating 3.82 (50 Reviews)
This small sided shooting and finishing game is a great shooting drill that focuses on shooting and finishing.

Defensive Overlapping Drill

Chris Johnson 166,609 Views Rating 4.1 (114 Reviews)
This is a great drill to teach fullbacks to overlap midfielders and getting the defenders into the attack.

Quick Transition Game

Chris Johnson 166,234 Views Rating 4.09 (43 Reviews)
This soccer drill is an excellent way to focus on attacking and defending and is ideal for teaching the basic principals of soccer.

Flighted Balls in the 18

Chris Johnson 144,817 Views Rating 4.08 (75 Reviews)
This soccer drill is designed to focus on chipping, trapping and shooting inside the 18 to feel more comfortable inside the penalty box.

3v3 in the 18 - Attacking and Shooting Drill

Chris Johnson 66,892 Views Rating 3.83 (18 Reviews)
This attacking soccer drill focuses on attacking in the final third of the field and shooting around the 18-yard line.

4V4 With 5 Goals Inside The 18

Chris Johnson 206,853 Views Rating 4.01 (108 Reviews)
This 4v4 drill is one of my favorite soccer finishing drills as it works on every aspect of finishing inside the 18-yard box.

Power/Finness with a Twist

Chris Johnson 186,729 Views Rating 4.09 (110 Reviews)
This drill focuses on players comfort level in striking long shots as well as close range shots, volleys, and headers.