Soccer Heading Drills

Soccer heading drills will become a more valuable and strategic weapon as the players advance in skill level. Due to the heightened awareness concerning head injuries and concussions, while heading a soccer ball, the US Soccer Organization has restricted the intentional use of the heading for players age 11 and under.

Soccer Heading Techniques

  • Players knees should be slightly bent for balance.
  • Use the forehead to contact the all (between the eyebrows and the hairline).
  • Players should strike the ball, and not let the ball strike them.
  • Players should tighten neck, stomach, and back muscles and slightly force the head towards the ball.
  • Eyes must remain open even when striking the ball with the head.
  • Proper timing is essential.

Soccer Heading Drills Requires

  • The US Soccer Orginization recommends that only players 11 and older can head without restrictions.
  • 10-year-old or younger player may not head the ball regardless of the age group in which the he or she participates.

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