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Teaching 1st Defender without Opposition

Chris Johnson 138,383 Views Rating 3.76 (71 Reviews)
This soccer defending drill is excellent for teaching young players how to defend when they are the closest player to the opponent with the ball.

Hot-Box Passing and Receiving Drill

Chris Johnson 137,550 Views Rating 3.29 (17 Reviews)
This passing and receiving soccer drill focuses on small group passing and receiving.

Reaction, Acceleration, and Winning the Ball

Chris Johnson 135,703 Views Rating 3.9 (41 Reviews)
This soccer drill focuses on reaction, acceleration, and winning 50-50 balls. This is a great warm-up drill when focusing on fitness, reaction time, or winning 50-50 balls.

Inside of the Foot Passing Warm-up

Chris Johnson 134,354 Views Rating 3.37 (19 Reviews)
This warm-up drill focuses on passing with the inside of the foot.

Soccer Ball Smash

Chris Johnson 134,038 Views Rating 4.11 (36 Reviews)
The soccer ball smash soccer drill will focus on the player who is just learning to pass and passing accuracy.

5v5 Dribbling Game

Chris Johnson 134,017 Views Rating 3.96 (25 Reviews)
5v5 soccer dribbling game is more of a realistic setting to help focus on improving dribbling skills.

Circle Passing Combination Drill

Chris Johnson 133,799 Views Rating 3.58 (59 Reviews)
This circle passing combination drill focuses on passing, communication and playing with speed.

Soccer End Zone Game

Chris Johnson 131,000 Views Rating 4.04 (55 Reviews)
The soccer end zone game is a great soccer drill that will help coaches focus on all aspects of attacking and defending in soccer.

T-Cone Dribbling Drill

Chris Johnson 130,677 Views Rating 3.19 (16 Reviews)
The T-Cone soccer dribbling drill focus on controlled touches, turns, and fitness.

3-Minute Shooting Drill

Chris Johnson 130,539 Views Rating 3.76 (33 Reviews)
This soccer drill allows the coach to focus on shooting, goalkeeping and clearing balls from the back.