Goalkeeper - Shooting Angle

goalkeeper, shooting angle, footwork, quickness

Published 5/6/2009 3:00:23 PM
Author: Chris Johnson
Goalkeeper - Shooting Angle

Drill Objective:

This Goalkeeping Shooting Angle Drill is great for improving Goalkeeper positioning and angles when being shot on. This drill focuses on correct footwork, proper angles, and quickly setting the goalkeepers feet for the shot.

Drill Setup:

Position 6-10 servers across the outer edge of the penalty area in front of the goal. Each server should start with a ball.  

Drill Instructions:

The servers should push the ball to the left, right or straight at the goal then shoot. Instruct the goalkeeper to adjust their positioning according to the position of the ball. The goalkeeper should then set their feet and get into ready position and make the save. The goalkeeper should quickly set for the next shooter and repeat.  

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Good, Quick footwork (do not cross feet when shuffling)
  • Good angle and positioning on moving ball - instruct them to stay between the ball and the goal
  • Make sure they set their feet to get ready for the shot
  • They should react quick to the shot
  • Make sure they catch the ball clean with good hands

Drill Variations


Titled: Goalkeeper - Shooting Angle
Tagged: goalkeeper, shooting angle, footwork, quickness

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