4v4 + Target Players with 2 Goals

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Published 4/3/2010 10:36:58 PM
Author: Chris Johnson
4v4 + Target Players with 2 Goals

Drill Objective:

This is a great 4v4 soccer game that teaches players to play into their target player. This adds a more realistic twist to the normal 4 on 4 soccer game.

Drill Setup:

Create a field that is suitable for 4 vs. 4 soccer game, approximately 30X40 yards. Create two windows about 5 yards wide on the right and left side of the end line.  Split the players into two teams of five. Set up a 4 v 4 inside the grid. The additional player will be the target player who will start on the end line outside the cones on the end their team is attacking. You should have a supply of balls for this 4v4 soccer game.

Drill Instructions:

Teams play a normal 4v4 soccer game, however, in order to score the attacking team target player must move behind one of the two windows and receive a pass through that window and be able to maintain a controlled possession.

Once the goal is made the attacking player who passed to the target player now becomes the target player and they switch roles. The defending team takes possession and the game continues.

Drill Coaching Points:

4 vs. 4 Offense Game:
  • Vision - players should be able to look up and read the game with their eyes since the number of players are limited. Player's heads should be on a constant pivot.
  • Communication - make sure players are communicating both verbally and non-verbally.
  • Support - make sure players are using the entire playing area (width and length) to get into good supporting angles. Create passing options that allows the receiving players the most time and space.
  • Appropriate use of 1st touch
  • Appropriate use of short or long passing
  • Changes in the direction and speed of play
  • Create goal scoring opportunities

4 vs. 4 Defensive Game:
  • Good Defensive Principles¬† -¬† pressure, cover, balance
  • Get as many people behind the ball as possible
  • Good communication

Drill Variations

  • Add a third window in the center of the end line.
  • If you want to focus on target players you might instruct the players to not rotate and allow one player to work as a target player longer.

Titled: 4v4 + Target Players with 2 Goals
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