Passing to Beat the Defender

Passing to Beat the Defender

Published 5/31/2011 6:24:59 PM
Passing to Beat the Defender

Drill Objective:

This game is to focus on passing to beat the defender. This 2v2 game works on passing and moving and finding open space between the two endline defenders to pass to the space behind the defenders.

Drill Setup:

Create a grid approximately 25X30 yards. Split the team into 2 teams of 4 players. 2 players from each team will play in the middle of the grid while the other 2 players defend their assigned endline. The coach should have a large supply of soccer balls.

Drill Instructions:

The coach plays a ball into a team of who holds possession from the other team and plays 2v2.

The remaining 2 players from each team defends their assigned endline. The endline players can move from side to side along the end line, however, they are not able to enter the grid.

To score, the team in possession must make a pass no higher than knee high past the opponents defending the endline.

Each time a team is scored on, the endmen rotate with attackers.

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Make sure players are actually passing the ball rather than just kicking.
  • Passes must have good pace and played to space.
  • Players must move in order to help the passing player keep possession.
  • Make sure players are playing balls away from the endline defenders.

Drill Variations

  • Increase grid size and play 3v3 with 3 endline players.
  • Require a certain number of passes prior to attacking the endline.
  • Allow the defensive endline players to be passed to in order to keep possession.

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