3v1 Early Support

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Published 6/19/2011 10:02:40 AM
Author: Chris Johnson
3v1 Early Support

Drill Objective:

This soccer drill focuses on supporting the player with the ball including early support, moving without the ball, and good angle and distance of support.

Drill Setup:

Create two 12X12 grids with one common side. Split into 2 groups of 3 players (3 red and 3 yellow). Place3 red and 1 yellow player in one grid and the remaining 2 yellow players in the other grid.The single yellow player in the red grid will start as defender.

Drill Instructions:

Play a 3v1 in the first grid, focus on early support, good angles, good distance, and giving the player with the ball two passing options.

The defender's objective is to gain possession and pass to a player on their team in the other grid. If this happens, that defender joins his team in the grid and the person who caused the turnover also joins the grid and becomes defender. In the new grid play 3v1 again.

Drill Coaching Points:

  1. Early support - start supporting before the ball is received.
  2. Good angle - support in undefended space where the pass cannot be intercepted by the defender.
  3. Move without the ball
  4. Support both sides of the attacker with the ball.
  5. Focus on a good first touch in space towards a supporting player.
  6. Use deception when playing.

Drill Variations

  • limit the number of touches

Titled: 3v1 Early Support
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