5 Pass Possession Game

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Published 7/6/2011 10:13:29 AM
Author: Chris Johnson
5 Pass Possession Game

Drill Objective:

This is a great passing drill that focuses on holding possession and completing a series of passes. This possession passing drill will work on awareness, speed of play, support, and movement to maintain possession.

Drill Setup:

Create a grid approximately 40 yards x 30 yards. Split players into 2 even teams with two other players as neutral players. The neutral players are positioned at the endline on each end of the field.

Drill Instructions:

The two teams attempt to hold possession from each other within the grid. To score a goal, a team must make 5 or more consecutive passes to their teammates and then must make the 6th pass to either of the neutral players. If the ball is touched or won by the opposition, the pass count is reset.

Once the neutral player receives a scoring pass they must pass the ball in one touch to the team that scored and their pass count is reset.

Play to 10 and make the losing team do pushups or situps.

Drill Coaching Points:

  •  Awareness - make sure players keep their heads up, and know where their teammates are at all time. This will allow the passer to play quicker and pass to the open player.
  • Speed of play - make sure players are playing quickly. The speed of supporting players as well as the player on the ball will dictate the overall speed of play.
  • Quality Support from Teammates - Teammates must support the player receiving the pass before the pass is received. The player with the ball needs at least 2 players giving him direct support and at least 1 player giving him indirect support by stretching the field and creating space.
  • Movement - Players should continiously be make runs to create space and time when receiving passes.
  • Evade defenders - Make quick change of direction, change of speed runs to escape defenders and create space to receive a pass.

Drill Variations

  • Restrict players touch to 2-touches or 1-touch. If a player exceeds the max number of touches they lose possession.

Titled: 5 Pass Possession Game
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