Dribbling Warm-up Drill

Dribbling Warm-up, Dribbling Drill

Published 8/23/2011 11:42:14 PM
Author: Chris Johnson
Dribbling Warm-up Drill

Drill Objective:

This is a great dribbling warm-up drill that will get players many touches on the ball in a short time.

Drill Setup:

For this dribbling warm-up drill, the players should be in a small line with a flag or training stick about 10 yards in front of them. Create enough groups where players work in groups of 3-4 players. Each player needs a soccer ball in this dribbling warm-up drill.

Drill Instructions:

The first person in each line will perform a dribbling skill to the flag, dribble around the flag and dribble back to the beginning line. When the player is 1/2 way to the flag, the next player begins. This should keep all of the players in the group moving at all times.

Perform the following skills for 3-5 minutes each:

  1. Foundation side-to-side while moving forward(bell touches)
  2. Foundation side-to-side while moving backwards
  3. Foundation on top of the ball while moving forward
  4. Foundation on top of the ball while moving backwards
  5. Roll with the bottom of the foot while facing left
  6. Roll with the bottom of the foot while facing right
  7. Outside-Inside dribble (outside right, inside right, outside left, inside left)
  8. Outside-Outside-Inside same as above, but touch outside twice

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Focus on close control
  • Quality touches
  • Control body movements
  • Lift head while dribbling

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