Target Players

Attacking Soccer Drill to Find Target Players

Published 12/29/2005 12:00:00 AM
Author: Chris Johnson
Target Players

Drill Objective:

This attacking drill focuses on playing the target players from the attacking third of the field.

Drill Setup:

  1. Create a 25x25 grid and split in half with cones. 
  2. 8 players are required. 
  3. 5 attacking players (blue) and 3 defensive players (yellow).

Drill Instructions:

  1. The blue attackers play 4v2 against the yellow defenders and attempt to find the target in the attacking half. 
  2. Place a two-touch limit on the attackers.
  3. As soon as the four attackers are able to play the 1 target player, three players move over to the new area, and one defender moves over to help get the ball back. This now creates a 4v2 situation in the new grid. 
  4. If the defender playing 1v1 wins the ball as the ball played to the target player, 2 defenders from the other half come help play 3v1. 
  5. The two-touch limit does not apply to the defenders as they try and keep the ball away from the target. 
  6. When the target player wins the ball back, he must play over to the waiting 3 players in the other half. 
  7. The attacking team looks to get 10 changes before the players rotate into different roles. 
  8. If the defender wins the ball and connects 10 passes, then the entire attacking team does push-ups or sit-ups or sprints; whatever the coach decides.
The purpose is to find the attacking target, get connected and keep possession. It will be tough for the target to win the ball back if it is lost in the attacking half because they are two men down. High pressure is a must to win the ball back. This makes players aware of the danger of dispossessing the ball and the energy needed to get the ball back.

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Movement to keep possession
  • Good passing angles
  • Movement to support players
  • Finding the target player
  • High Pressure Immediately to win  back a lost ball

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