Frogger - Youth Dribbling Drill

Frogger - U6, U7, and u8 fun soccer dribbling drill

Published 12/29/2005 12:00:00 AM
Author: Chris Johnson
Frogger - Youth Dribbling Drill

Drill Objective:

This dribbling drill is for U6 and U8 players. This fun youth dribbling drill will assist the younger player with dribbling under minimal pressure.

Drill Setup:

  1. Build a grid 20X30 (may adjust if too large or small).
  2. Every player in the grid with a ball except for 2 players.
  3. These 2 players are the FROGS.

Drill Instructions:

  1. All of the players start on one side of the grid and try to make it to the other side.
  2. The two FROGS must hop and try to tag the other players as they try to get to the other side.
  3. When a player is tagged, they both become a frog.
  4. Play continues until only 2 players are left, who become the frogs for the next game.

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Start getting the players dribbling to get their heads up to avoid the frogs.
  • Keep the ball close and in control.

Drill Variations


Titled: Frogger - Youth Dribbling Drill
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