T-Cone Dribbling Drill

T-Cone Soccer Dribbling Drill

Published 7/23/2018 9:35:57 PM
Author: Chris Johnson
T-Cone Dribbling Drill

Drill Objective:

The T-Cone soccer dribbling drill is a great drill to focus on dribbling with speed, controlled touches, turns, and fitness.

Drill Setup:

  1. Set up four cones approximately 5 yards apart in the shape of the letter T.
  2. Two players at the T-Cones with one ball at the base of the T. One player will rest while the other player is working.
  3. Create multiple T-Cone setups to allow the entire team to participate.

Drill Instructions:

  1. The first player starts at the base of the T and dribbles around the middle-top cone and cuts to the right-top cone.
  2. He then dribbles around the right-top cone and cuts towards the top-left cone.
  3. He then dribbles around the middle-top cone  and returns to the starting cone.
  4. He then dribbles around the bottom cone and continues with the same pattern again.
  5. Repeat this same pattern for 1 minute each and rotate players.

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Close touches
  • Dribble with speed
  • Tight turns around the cones

Drill Variations

  • Limit the type of dribbling:
    • Right foot
    • Left Foot
    • Bottom of the foot
  • No ball, but make the players sprint. Have them facing forward only, so they will need to sprint forward, shuffle, and backpedal.

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