Criss-Cross Dribbling Game

Criss-Cross Soccer Dribbling Drill

Published 6/15/2006 10:21:45 PM
Author: Chris Johnson
Criss-Cross Dribbling Game

Drill Objective:

The Criss-Cross dribbling drill focuses on the younger player. This dribbling drill assists players play with speed while keeping their heads up. Be warned, this drill can be dangerous for players who have a tendency of dribbling with their head down.

Drill Setup:

  1. Create 4 - 7X7 yard grids by making a big 30X30 grid and sectioning off the corners of the larger grid.
  2. Create four different color teams of 3-6 players per team.
  3. Assign each team to start in 1 of the 4 grids.
  4. The team is identified by the color jersey they wear.
  5. Every player needs a ball.

Drill Instructions:

  1. The coach should yell a pair of colors to start ("red and blue").
  2. These teams switch boxes with each other.
  3. Start off with only two groups working against each other as their objective is to dribble to their opponent’s grid as fast as they can and stop their ball in the grid.
  4. The first team with the entire team is in their opponents grid with their balls completely stopped is awarded a point.
  5. Remind players to keep their heads up and ball close since they are dribbling into oncoming traffic, players must be aware of players coming towards them.

Drill Coaching Points:

  • The key to this soccer drill is to keeping the ball close and head up.
  • Once this is accomplished encourage the player to do it with greater speed.

Drill Variations

  • Once the teams have conquered the control factor with 2 teams switching, make all 4 teams switch at once. Switching the groups diagonally will cause all 4 teams meet in the middle. This can get pretty messy, so make sure your players are ready for this before you attempt it.

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