Passing and Receiving Warm-up

Soccer Passing and Receiving, First-Touch

Published 9/24/2006 3:51:51 PM
Author: Chris Johnson
Passing and Receiving Warm-up

Drill Objective:

This soccer warm-up drill focuses on passing and receiving and can be used for players 9 years and older. It's a good drill that can be tweaked to focus on any types of passing or receiving skills.

Drill Setup:

  1. Build a grid approximately 20X20 yards.
  2. Split up the team in two even teams with one team on the outside of the square and the other teammates inside the square.
  3. Every player on the outside of the grid should have a ball.
  4. The players inside the square will be working.

Drill Instructions:

  1. The players inside the grid will move inside the square and check to any of the players along the outside of the grid and call their name.
  2. The player on the outside plays a ball into the player who quickly returns the ball back to that player in one touch.
  3. Have the players work for 1 minute and switch inside and outside groups.

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Focus on good solid passes and a good controlled first touch.

Drill Variations

  • Players must have a touch with the inside of the foot before returning the ball to the outside player. Can also have the player make a touch with the outside of the foot before playing the ball back.
  • Have the outside players pick the ball up in their hands and play balls into the inside players. The inside players can go through the following skills: Inside foot volley, top of the foot volley, thigh volley, chest volley, headers, etc.
  • Have the players work 30 seconds at a comfortable speed, and 30 seconds at full speed

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