Diagonal 1v1 Soccer Drill

1v1 Soccer Drill, 1v1 Attacking Soccer

Published 9/28/2006 1:32:02 AM
Author: Chris Johnson
Diagonal 1v1 Soccer Drill

Drill Objective:

This 1v1 soccer drill is great to focus on 1v1 play whether it is on the offensive or the defensive side. On the offensive side, you can get attackers to attack the defenders with speed, quick change of pace with an explosive touch to get away, and getting behind the defensive players. On the defensive side, you can focus on closing down quickly, forcing the attacker to the side and closing down the attack.

Drill Setup:

  1. Set up a 15 X 15-yard grid.
  2. Split the team into 4 groups with 1 group on each corner of the grid.
  3. Two groups next to each other (Group A and B) start with the ball.

Drill Instructions:

  1. The first player of group A plays a ball to the first player in group C, who is on the diagonal corner.
  2. Player C becomes the attacker and attempts to attack the cone player A came from.
  3. Player A becomes the defender and attempts to deny player C from getting to his cone.
  4. Play is considered dead when the ball is out of the grid, or the defending player wins possession.
  5. Group B plays to Group D and repeat.

Drill Coaching Points:


  • Attack defender with speed
  • Quick explosion to get away
  • Try to get behind the defender


  • Close down quickly
  • Force the attacker to the weak side
  • Break-it-down
  • Close the attacker down.
  • Remember Fast, Slow, Outside, Low. Fast - approach the attacker with speed. Slow - when the defender gets close to the attacker, the defender must slow their run and start stepping back with the attacker. Outside - force the attacker to the outside. Low - low center of gravity and get player low.

Drill Variations

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