Dribbling to Beat a Defender

Soccer Dribbling Drill to Beat a Defender

Published 7/11/2007 8:51:10 PM
Author: Chris Johnson
Dribbling to Beat a Defender

Drill Objective:

TheĀ Dribbling to Beat a Defender soccer dribbling drill is wonderful when teaching young players when and where to dribble, and how to beat the defenders on the dribble. This dribbling drill is best for U8-U12 Soccer Players. The emphasis is on allowing the dribbling player to unbalance the defender while approaching unchallenged.

Drill Setup:

  1. Create a grid 20X10 yards.
  2. Mark the halfway with a line of cones about 5 yards apart.
  3. Split into groups of three players.
  4. A group of three players needs two balls.

Drill Instructions:

  1. Position the defender in the middle line in the grid.
  2. The defender in the middle is restricted to only move side to side on the middle line in an attempt to stop the dribbling attacker.
  3. Instruct the attacker to approach the defender under control, make his move after making the defender commit, and accelerate to the other side of the grid.
  4. If the defender wins the ball, he switches role with the player that lost the ball.

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Focus on a controlledĀ approach by the attacker.
  • Sell the fake/faint to the defender.
  • Make sure the dribbling players change direction.
  • Make sure the player accelerates to the other end line once past the defender.

Drill Variations

  • None

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