Finding the Target Player

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Published 8/8/2007 10:04:41 PM
Author: Chris Johnson
Finding the Target Player

Drill Objective:

This drill is designed to encourage midfield and defensive players to look up field to find the "Target Player" and play to that Target player.

Drill Setup:

Build a large grid approximately 40X40 yards and divide your team into 2 even teams, you can adjust the size of the field based on the number of players and their age. Each team should build a 10X10 grid on their attacking end and place one target player in this grid. (see diagram)

Drill Instructions:

Inform the two teams to play against each other and points are scored when a team is able to keep possession and play a flighted ball into their team's Target Player who is inside the 10X10 grid. If they player successfully controls the ball inside the box that team is awarded a point.

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Make sure players are getting their heads up quickly to find the target player
  • Make sure players play the target player early. Make sure there is a clear distinction of playing "kickball" and playing early. Make sure it is a purposely placed pass rather than accidental.

Drill Variations

  • Create a larger box and add a defender with the target player (have the defensive player be somewhat passive at first)

Titled: Finding the Target Player
Tagged: coaching target players, soccer target play, soccer target players

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