2v1 Dribbling with Opposition

2v1 Soccer Dribbling with Opposition Drill

Published 3/8/2009 6:52:17 PM
Author: Chris Johnson
2v1 Dribbling with Opposition

Drill Objective:

In this 2v1 Dribbling with Opposition dribbling drill, we put the players in a 2v1 situation forcing the players to decide whether they should dribble or pass.

Drill Setup:

  1. Create a 30X15 yard grid.
  2. Split the grid in half with disk cones to make two adjacent grids touching on one side.
  3. Place two attackers on one side of the grid.
  4. The full-size goal and goalkeeper is on the end line opposite the attackers.
  5. A single defender should be placed on the side of the middle line.
  6. You can use a Pugg Goal in place of the larger goal and goalkeeper.


Drill Instructions:

  1. The first attacking player plays to the second attacking player.
  2. Once the pass is made, the defender becomes active and defends the attacking players.
  3. The defender is only allowed to defend in the 1st grid.
  4. Instruct the attacking players to take on the defender and attempt to score a goal.
  5. The attacker in control must decide whether he should pass or dribble.

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Good choice to pass, dribble or shoot
  • Close Control
  • Change of Direction
  • Change of pace

Drill Variations

  • Use a Pugg Goal in place of the larger goal and goalkeeper.

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