Soccer 1 Minute Drill

Published 10/15/2006 1:15:49 PM

To begin this series of individual soccer skills, place 3 cones in a triangle approximately 5 yards between each cone. The coach should stand approximately 5 yards from the opening of a side of the triangle. The player should start at the back cone farthest from the coach. The coach should play a ball to the outside of the cone on the players right as the player moves towards that cone. The player returns the ball to the coach and moves around the farthest cone and towards the cone on the left. This movement should continue for 1 minute. If you are working with 2 players, have one player rest while the other player is resting.

Individual Soccer Skills 1213
The coach should roll through each of these skills:
  • 1 minute with inside foot passes
  • 1 minute outside foot passes
  • 1 minute top of the foot volley
  • 1 minute inside of the foot volley
  • 1 minite thigh volley
  • 1 minute chest volley
  • 1 minute headers
  • 1 minute 1-touch
  • 1 minute 2-touch

The coach should focus on:
  • Good work ethic
  • Clean passes with good pace
  • Quick feet/movement
  • Good balance
  • Good body posture and player not standing straight up
  • Player in control of the ball

Titled: Soccer 1 Minute Drill
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