How youth soccer players learn the game

Published 8/28/2007 4:14:15 PM
How do youth soccer players learn the game? The answer is simple! They learn the game by watching, imitating, practicing and being tested during game play.


  1. Observation - When young soccer players watch elite players such as players in the English Premier League, Champions League or Major League Soccer (MLS), this gives them a role model to mimic their play and helps young players set goals. These players who watch older elite soccer players play in practice and in games often develop a much higher level of understanding of the tactics behind the game.
  2. Imitation – Often times the above mentioned “observation” turns into young soccer players trying to mimic or re-enact the techniques learned from the older elite soccer player.
  3. Practice – This stage is the area where the player works on and improves their technique. This can be juggling by one’s self, playing soccer with a friend at the local school, or practicing in a group or team setting.
  4. The Game (Testing) – This is the area where the player attempts to perform the practiced techniques during a game. This can be 1v1 with a friend, 2v2, 4v4, 8v8 or a full sided 11v11.

Titled: How youth soccer players learn the game
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