FUN U6 and u8 soccer drill

Published 12/29/2005 12:00:00 AM
Author: Chris Johnson

Drill Objective:

A FUN soccer drill for younger players (U6, U7, and U8) to introduce dribbling, looking up and correctly striking the ball at a target. And best of all, it's a fun soccer game for the players and coach!

Drill Setup:

  1. Build a grid 20X30 (may adjust if too large or small).
  2. Every player begins in the grid with a ball.
  3. The coach and assistant coach start in the grid without a ball.

Drill Instructions:

  1. The coaches jog around in the grid and players try to kick their balls and hit the coaches.
  2. The players get a point each time they hit the coach.
  3. The coach should yell OUCH each time they are hit to make the game FUN.
  4. For younger players, the coach can walk around their knees.

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Encourage players to get their head up and look for the coaches while dribbling.
  • Make sure the players are striking the ball with the proper part of the foot.

Drill Variations

  • If the players are struggling to hit the coach, the coach should stop for a couple of seconds to give the players a chance.
  • Use different parts of the foot: Inside, Instep, Right and Left foot.

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